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Tarsal Joint Distractor 
Designed by specifically for use in foot and ankle surgery, the Tarsal Joint Distractor offers superior joint space exposure by distracting without inserting blades into the joint or blocking access from above. 

The device accommodates 0.062" k-wires and 2.0mm (5/64") Steinman pins and provides up to 40mm of stable hands-free distraction of articular spaces enabling a surgeon to denude cartilage, perform subchondral drilling, and prepare articular surfaces for fusion.

To use, the distractor is placed flush against the joint and held in place with K-wires or Steinman pins which are driven through the bones. The distractor's handle is then rotated to pull the bones apart and open the joint.  Because the distractor is not over the joint, it is not necessary to work around the instrument. The small, irregular bones of the foot with inaccessible joint spaces are easily distracted and held in a stable open position for cartilage removal and fenestration, re-section of coalitions, and insertion of grafts.

The Tarsal Joint Distractor is ideal for procedures such as arthrodesis, tarsal fractures, or coalition resections and can also be used as temporary fixation to compress an osteotomy, fracture, or fusion site while placing internal fixation. 

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For questions or to order the Orthovation Tarsal Joint Distractor, contact or 1.800.597.5070.

53% more exposure with the Tarsal Joint Distractor 

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A study comparing methods of joint distraction in foot surgery was conducted at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City. 

The findings from that study were accepted for presentation at the Australasian Podiatry Council Meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here is the poster abstract as presented at that meeting which highlights the results of that investigation


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